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upload schema image not working

Support uSchema Plugin Support upload schema image not working


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    Hi Team.

    I’m prompted to upload an image for my business. It is impossible.
    Clicking the button doesn’t change.

    BooSpot Team

    Hi carlos,

    Can you please provide some screenshot to start troubleshooting process?
    If you want, you may reach out to us at to privately discuss your use-case.

    We might need staging site access to see what is going wrong with the setup.




    Same here, it shows a link with a hash at the end and no action prompted after clicking the ‘Upload image’ button. WP theme is Elementor in this case. Please note that this is during the first step-by-step installation process. When installed, activated and all, it does work in the settings from the plugin itself.

    BooSpot Team

    Can I get a list of active plugins on the website and which theme you are using? With Elementor, are you using “Hello” theme?
    You may create a backup on your website using “All in One WP Migration” plugin and just send that backup file link at then we can restore it on our development server and track any issue/ conflict.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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