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my uSchema get shortcode from site

Support uSchema Plugin Support my uSchema get shortcode from site

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    Good monring, i have a problem, i setted up the Local business schema data for my homepage and others page.
    The problem is that if i go to the tester i see that it doesn’t get the data that i insert to the uSchema.
    It shows to me all the shortcode from the site. What i made wrong?
    Here the site:


    I’m using Divi Theme form Elegant Thems and i don’t know why but now i tried to create a new local business schema and the pages didn’t get at all the advanced local business schema items. If you look with the tester you will se just the Local business that i created with Simple schema. but in the general settings i say here “Activate Site-Wide Schema Items” to get the advanced local business that i created but it doens’t.
    Could you help me? there is some issue between divi and your plugin?
    If you need i give you the admin user and pswd, like this you can check, because if your plugin it doesn’t work properly with Divi i would like to be refund, becuase i can’t use it.
    Many thanks


    It seems that it doens’t show me any Property if i write it down some name in the Property ID field.
    So if i write in the Poperty ID field (ex: name)…it doesnt’ show me anything, and i can’t even write by my self inside the Property ID field.

    BooSpot Team

    Hi Davide,
    Can you please send your WordPress login credentials to or provide us access to a staging site?
    Then we can have a look and resolve any issues.

    Thanks for your patience.


    Ok thanks, i just send you an email with parameters. Thanks Davide

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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