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    I bought the $99 dollar deal on Appsumo but its only showing the $59 deal in the dashboard why is this?


    Exactly the same issue. How can you do this?

    BooSpot Team

    There is bug in the order amount showing in your dashboard.

    Even if you have subscribed to the Tier 2 plan, the “My Account” dashboard shows the amount as $59 instead of showing the correct amount of $99.
    This is only related to the amount shown in your dashboard, everything else is according to your selected tier.
    We are sorry for this confusion and it this amount issue should be resolved soon.

    You may verify your allowed domains by going to “Licenses” tab in “My Account”
    It should be showing the correct allowed unlimited domains for Tier 2.

    Here is the link to Licenses tab:

    My account

    If you face any issue in activating more than 3 domains for your tier 2 plan, you may contact us at with the email id you used to buy the deal.

    hope it clarifies the issue.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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